How to Make your Brand Unique

How to Make your Brand Unique

When building your brand nobody wants to blend in, especially with the competition out there. Having your brand stand out is so very important because there are literally about 970 million websites out there today. I am not even kidding. You do not want to be forgotten in a world like this, the only way to succeed is to stand out.

Details people, details.

First and foremost detail is IMPERATIVE! You need to recheck and re read and re read what you reread because nobody is going to remember a brand that lacks originality. Incorporating who your brand is into the details will get you that much further. It’s in the little things.

Cohesive presence

Uhm so like you want to make your website like really like….pretty! Seriously, all jokes aside, it NEEDS to be aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate. The vibe, colors, fonts, voice, etc. needs to have a clear presence and come together in an attractive layout. Over time the “voice” and the “vibe” of your brand will become known, so whenever it pops up people will immediately draw the connection and know that’s your brand. Everything needs to fit together like a puzzle. The last thing strong brands are is confusing. Consistency is key.

Specificity in what you got.

The more focused you are the further your brand will go. Don’t try to appeal to everybody because in the end you will appeal to nobody. This is the importance of knowing your target audience, tailor it all to them. You have to focus on your strengths and what you do best, your passions and run with it. Don’t go off about a million things to try to get more people, because it most likely will lack depth and substance where as the areas you are passionate about will be of depth and those who are fans of that will be your target audience. You will have success if you are appealing to your target audience.

Do something different.

Let’s be real, everybody is blogging these days. You have to do something that makes yours unlike all the others. Some ways to do that would be to have webinars and if you blog creative an archive page! When doing a webinar people get to experience your brand personally by seeing your face and getting to actually hear your voice as well as interact with you! You create an authoritative position for yourself by doing so. The audience you acquire will all be visiting your site for their first time at different times! All of your old posts are literally inexistent to them because you are constantly updating your page. I know they aren’t ACTUALLY inexistent but they seriously will never see them because nobody wants to scroll for 100 years to find a story from a month ago, nobody does that. By archiving your blogs and posts you can organize them in an easy way to find and navigate, like by topic or date so everything isn’t just all piled in one place. You can even give a little instruction paragraph at the top to ensure nobody gets confused.

Under promise and over deliver

Literally just what it says. It’s always better to promise less and deliver more (not the other way around, that’s a big no no.) If you have something ready for your clients, tell them double the time that you plan to have it done. So, when it is ready in half the time they are super excited and happy with your performance and even if you need an extra week wiggle room for area, you will still have it to them earlier than promised! Don’t make promises you can’t deliver every time.

Be you in this crazy competitive world, show who you are through your brand in every single aspect. Emphasize how you are better and what makes you different than the competition. Keep calm and slay your brand babies.

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