You’re Washing Your Face All Wrong

You’re Washing Your Face All Wrong

Face washing, seems easy right? BIG misconception! The idea of washing your face can be extremely easy, but the truth is, you’re doing it all wrong.

FIRST, you have your cleansers. I can name 10 different types of cleansers off the top of my head right now. So how do you differentiate which one is right for you? These are the 3 most commonly used cleanser types.

Cream cleansers are a goto for all skin types looking to keep skin hydrated and free from stripping it of their natural oils. Ideally using this type of product on super oily and acne prone skin, is a major no-no. You want to choose a Water based cleanser like the micellar cleansers that are gentle, soothing and not drying. Stay clear of Oil cleansers as well. The idea of washing your face with oil may sound a bit crazy, but they are great a great option for you guys and gals wearing a lot of makeup or really dry dehydrated skin types.

Rinsing with cool to cold water is a MUST! I know we have all been taught to cleanse with warm water to help open and cleanse pores, but unfortunately that’s wrong! Here’s why: If we are consistently cleansing with warm water and consistently opening up our pores then pores stay open and keep getting bigger. The goal for our skin is to tighten and minimize the look of our pores. By using cool to cold water we can do just that! FREE TIP: this is great to do in the shower too! Keeps hair shiny and skin on your body tight and firm also.

HOT TO: While cleansing, applying serums or moisturizing we need to make sure we are always using upward movements, never pulling down. Gravity already will take its toll so lets try to beat it while always moving up. Always being gentle with the skin, never being aggressive even with drying. Use a clean wash cloth each time and pat dry, never rub and never completely dry the skin leave some moisture on the skin.

DID YOU SAY EXFOLIATE? Exfoliation is key to skin care. Some do it, some don’t, and some over due it. The right amount really varies for each skin type, If using a physical scrub I suggest 2 to 3 a week and no. If you are using a chemical exfoliation, usually they are gentle enough to be used everyday and does not dry out your skin. Keep in mind this will also replace that fun toner product you have been using as well. Some exfoliants tend to strip the skin of its natural oil making it drying to some or for others will make the skin more oily depending on how often one is using it. Consistency is important when it comes to exfoliation no matter what.

Serums, it’s the new new! These should always be applied after cleansing or exfoliating and before moisturizing. If you are using more than one serum always use the buildable product first and the heavier one last. Usually a more liquid serum

means the molecule are a lot smaller making it penetrate in the skin deeper. Apply this to clean skin. Moisturizers are heavier and offer a surfaced hydration.

Eye cream. I always like to tell my clients that Eye creams are for the day and Eye serums are best for night. We don’t do much blinking during the night so not of stimulation happens around the eyes resulting to the eye cream that you

placed around the eye to just sit on the skin resulting to a puffy under eye when you wake versus when using a eye serum at night and the serum penetrates into the skin with no need of stimulation since the molecule is small enough to penetrate on its own, resulting to refreshed bright eyes when you wake. Always use a eye cream during the day to help keep the skin around the eye hydrated especially if the eye serum used at night was a little detoxifying targeting dark eye circles.


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